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Madeira's top 5 destinations - Number 5 - Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz

If you are looking for the point that is furthest away from Madeira’s airport then Porto Moniz is the spot for you. At around a 1.30hr drive its at the opposite side of the island. This leaves your travel options minimal when it comes to transfers. I’m sure you could pre-arrange a taxi but I would definitely recommend a car for this resort. There is never many cars on the road in this part of the island and the Via Rapida is an easy way to get there.

Overview picture of Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz is well known for its mesmerising Lava-rock pools, which are listed as one of the worlds’ most amazing swimming pools. The municipality is located in the north-west part of Madeira and has undergone a modern transformation over the past 10 years. Popular with tourists this “scenery overloaded” location is nestled between the imposing cliffs of the North and the deep blue ocean. Its easy to get lost in thought sitting by the pools for hours and watching the ebb and flow of the tide all the while transfixed by the crashing waves and the beauty of the rock formations. It’s quite something. The town also sports a small aquarium, and science centre which are both great for a day out but the main event is definitely a swim in the natural rock pools. It's a quiet, sleepy town with not a lot happening but with those views and promenade I’m not sure you would want or need anything else.

Image of rocks at Porto Moniz Pools

Porto Moniz Rocky Coastline

Buses run daily to Ribeira Brava and Funchal and other parts of the island. There are also a number of cultural and holy events throughout the year and you can pick up a list of these from the tourist board.

Accommodation in Porto Moniz is fairly limited to a few good hotels and a handful of rental properties.

(In this photo the painter on the left is painting the fishermen on the right)

Pros – Breathtaking scenery, Surfing and relaxing and Lavada walks.
Cons – Too quiet for some.

Holidays For – Walkers, Surfers, Relaxation.

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