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Staying in Canico Madeira

The town of Caniço in Madeira can be categorised into three distinct zones. These areas are namely, Caniço Town, Caniço de Baixo and Reis Magos.
Although there is not much distance between them they are distinctly different in their atmospheres.
Caniço as a whole is an area of high tourism and stands out for being the smaller “sister” of Funchal. Only a 10 min drive from the city, Caniço has a much more laid back feel to it and just like Funchal the area got its name from a plant. Called Caniços, these plants are long canes that grow abundantly in this area.
Plaza Apartment
Bedrooms 2 - Sleeps 4 - Bathrooms 2
Vista Reis Magos
Bedrooms 1 - Sleeps 2 - Bathrooms 1

Places to see in Canico, Canico de Baixo and Reis Magos

Caniço Town
This pretty, quaint little town is nestled high above sea level. In-fact the road to the town can be fairly steep as with many areas in Madeira. The centre has a beautiful little town square where you will find markets, events and festivals taking place throughout the year. A wellness Spa is located at the Quinta Splendida and it also has its own shopping mall plus many cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

Caniço de Baixo, Madeira
Roughly translated this means Caniço Lower and as it says is the lowest part of the town at sea level. This area is the real tourist area with many of the hotels located here. Again it's a sleepy little place were time rushes for no one. The promenade stretches all the way to Reis Magos beach and is a fantastic walk on the shore.
Reis Magos, Madeira
Here you will find most of the locals on the beach or keeping fit by power walking along the promenade. It as an area of contemplation and relaxation and has some amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can also watch the ships sailing in and out of Madeira. The area is very dramatic with high cliffs and a beautiful little beach. Down on the beach you will find a couple of little bars and a fish restaurant. It is also home to the islands wind surfers and is very popular with the Holiday Home renter.

Things to do in Canico

If its a lazy holiday your after then Caniço is perfect however this little town is not some rural village miles from anywhere its simply small. It has shopping malls, Supermarkets and everything a town has but the atmosphere of the town is laid back and unhurried. Walk to Reis Magos and Caniço de Baixo and you will find the more active areas of this town. You can scuba dive, windsurf or simply sunbathe while having drinks and the days catch brought to your table. The whole parish of Caniço is also very convenient for touring the island as it has perfect proximity to the Via Rapida. (Highway) Meaning, if you are a driver, you will not need to navigate any city streets of Funchal. It also has great public transport links with its neighbor Funchal.

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Plaza Apartment - 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 4 Guests

Plaza Apartment Canico Living Room
Plaza Apartment Canico Kitchen
Plaza Apartment Canico Bedroom
Plaza Apartment Canico Swimming Pool

Vista Reis Magos - 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathrooms, Sleeps 2 Guests

Vista Reis Magos Apartment Living Room
Vista Reis Magos Apartment Bedroom
Vista Reis Magos Apartment Balcony
Vista Reis Magos Apartment Veiw

Sol Apartment - 1 Bedroom Apartment, Sleeps 2 Guests

Sol Apartment Canico Bedroom
Sol Apartment Canico Living Room
Sol Apartment Canico Balcony
Sol Apartment Canico View

Falesia Apartments - 1 Bedroom Apartment Sleeps 2 Guests

Falasia Apartments Cancio Front Door
Falasia Apartments Cancio Dining Area
Falasia Apartments Cancio Twin Bedroom
Falasia Apartments Cancio Swimming Pool

Atlantic View Apartment - 2 Bedroom Apartments, Sleeps 4 Guests

Olimpo Apartment Funchal Living Room
Olimpo Apartment Funchal Dining Area
Olimpo Apartment Funchal Kitchen
Olimpo Apartment Bedroom
3 BED,

Vista Gold Penthouse - 3 Bedroom Apartments, Sleeps 6 Guests

Lido Mar Apartment Funchal Living Area
Lido Mar Apartment Funchal Kitchenette
Lido Mar Apartment Funchal Balcony
Lido Mar Apartment Funchal View