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Madeira Weather

The weather in Madeira is relatively mild throughout the year. It is known “unofficially” as being like “an all year round British Summer”. And, just like the British weather it does occasionally rain. Luckily that rain turns the island into one lush, green oasis for us all to enjoy.

Throughout the year Madeiras climate enjoys an average temperature of around 23˚C with the coldest month being January at around 16˚C. January is also the wettest month. While August is the hottest and September the best month for swimming, with an average sea temperature of 24˚C.

Overall the temperature in Madeira never seems to get too hot to sit out in and never too cold that you need a fire on. Perfect for walking around during the day with a t-shirt and night with a light jacket.

Rain doesn’t seem to last long and is dried up in a flash as soon as the sun pops out again. As the island is somewhat tropical, short heavy downpours followed by brilliant blue skies are fairly common especially while up in the mountains or enjoying the levada walks.

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