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Discover Madeira - Atlantic Festival Madeira June 2014

Atlantic Fireworks Festival in Madeira

Madeira in June

Every Saturday during the Atlantic Festival in Madeira there is a huge 20 minute pyro extravaganza, all set within the Funchal harbor area and watched by half the population of the Madeira city. Entries for the competition come from all over the world to produce the end of year, Madeira New Year Fire Work Display. This is then whittled down to 4 semi-finalists who are given a 20-minute spot to show the municipality their creativity and pyrotechnic skills in the hope of winning the lucrative contract. Make no mistake this is no, “Back yard Catherine wheel” competition. The Madeira Fireworks display is a previous Guinness Record holder for the largest in the world and really is a yearly spectacle.

Orchestra in Madeira playing flute and oboe

Madeira Music Festival

Also during June, Madeira hosts its very own Music Festival. The Madeira Music Festival bursts onto the scene with amazing concerts and concertos across the capital. A flurry of classical events performed by choirs, soloists and philharmonic orchestras are brought to the many Madeira music venues and theatres. Tickets and event information can usually be picked up from the Madeira tourist information centre plus a quick trip to the breathtaking theatre Baltazar Dias in central Funchal will also help you decide which event is right for you.

Streets lined with decoration in madeira

Madeira Arts Week

Not content to have two huge cultural events during June. Madeira also hosts its annual “Regional Arts week”. This consists of a number of one off events, performances and installations and is backed by many of the local colleges and institutions from across the island. The event brings together the artistic and creative echelon of Madeira and allows them to display and perform their pieces to a local audience.
So if you are looking for a place to visit in June then you should definitely consider the music loving, arty, pyromaniac city of Funchal, Madeira. It truly is a wonderful city.
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