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Holidaying in Porto Santo

Porto Santo is one of the Madeiran peoples best, kept secret. Unlike Madeira, much of the landscape is flat and the island enjoys a huge 9km stretch of golden, sandy beach. The capital of the island is Vila Baleira and its here you will find most of the hotels and restaurants although nothing is really that far away.
The island can be reached by plane or by ferry from Madeira. The ferry journey is around 2 ½ hours from Funchal and is a great way to see the coast of Madeira and also the occasional dolphin, flying fish and whale.
Vilas Espirito Santo
3 Villas - Bedrooms 2 - Sleeps 4 - Bathrooms 1
Cozy Beach
Bedrooms 3 - Sleeps 8 - Bathrooms 2
Casa das Cicas
Bedrooms 3 - Sleeps 7 - Bathrooms 2
Villa Dourada
Bedrooms 4 - Sleeps 10 - Bathrooms 4
Paraiso Dourada
Bedrooms 1 or 2 - Sleeps various - Bathrooms various
Once you reach the island it's only a short journey to all of our properties and minutes from a new relaxed you. If you thought Madeira was laid back then Porto Santo is perfectly horizontal.

Porto Santo Places to see

Well the first thing you will notice and probably do is head straight to the beach. This amazing stretch of “mostly empty” beach is fantastic for a stroll or catching some rays. The sand is also known to boast therapeutic properties and there are many little coves, natural pools and hidden bays to discover. Once you have had enough of chilling on the beach – it really is difficult to remove yourself from here – you should hire a 4 x 4 or rental car and take a drive around the island. You will find a number of viewpoints (Miradouras) around the island where you can see for miles and you may even pass by one of the few locals around.
Honestly there’s not much to see and that is pretty much the attraction of this island. The complete lack of touristy commercialisation is what attracts guests to this dreamy little island.

Things to do in Porto Santo

Seriously, if you have come to Porto Santo expecting to fill your days with trips and adventure then you've probably booked the wrong island. This gorgeous island is all about relaxation.
Studies have shown that the sand and surrounding waters are rich in Calcium, Magnesium and Iodine which give them the therapeutic properties needed to help the human body recover from stress and other ailments. There are a number of spas capitalising on this, most of which are based in the main hotels but they are all happy to take appointments from guests not staying. So why not treat yourself to some hydro massage at Vilabaleira or beauty facials at Pestana’s Porto Santo Hotel.
There are also a number of small taverns and restaurants that are worth a visit, Most notably are Bar Joao do Cabeco or the Panorama Restaurant, as well as a few fun beach bars with amazing views see O Corsario. In the summer the island population swells with Madeiran tourists who have popped over to enjoy the sun and beach.
Christopher Columbus once lived on the island with his Portuguese wife and their home is now one of the islands museums. Its worth paying a visit if you really cant take anymore rest and relaxation.

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1 BED, 2 BED, 3 BED+,
1 BED, 2 BED

Vilas Espirito Santo - 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 2 - 4 Guests

Vilas Espirito Santo Open Plan Living
Vilas Espirito Santo Living Room
Vilas Espirito Santo Bedroom
Vilas Espirito Santo Front Aspect
3 BED+

Cozy Beach - 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 8 Guests

Cozy Beach Hammock Porto Santo
Cozy Beach Porto Santo
Cozy Beach Porto Santo Front Aspect
Cozy Beach Porto Santo Living and Games room
3 BED+

Casa das Cicas - 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 7 Guests

Casa das Cicas Porto Santo Front Aspect
Casa das Cicas Porto Santo Kitchen
Casa das Cicas Porto Santo Outside Living
Casa das Cicas Porto Santo Bedroom
3 BED+

Villa Dourada - 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 10 Guests

Villa Dourada Patio Porto Santo
Villa Dourada Porto Santo Front Aspect
Villa Dourada Porto Santo Beach
Villa Dourada Porto Santo View
1 BED, 2 BED

Paraiso Dourada - 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Sleeps 2 - 4 Guests

Paraiso Dourada Porto Santo Reception
Paraiso Dourada Porto Santo Balcony
Paraiso Dourada Porto Santo Living Area
Paraiso Dourada Porto Santo Swimming Pool