Funchal Madeira Rental Apartments, Villas and Accommodation

Funchal Rental Apartments, Villas and Accommodation.

Staying in Funchal Madeira

Funchal expanded around the bay spreading like a waterfall in a semi-circle of hills and cliffs bathed by the sun and sea, like an amphitheater where the greatest show is the landscape itself.
Promoted to a city by the king of Portugal on August 21st 1508, it has 500 years of history and a long list of days of glory.
Monumental Palace Apartment
Bedrooms 6 - Sleeps 12 - Bathrooms 4
Living Funchal
Bedrooms 3 - Sleeps 7 - Bathrooms 2
Balancal Apartments
Bedrooms 1, 2 & 3 - Sleeps 8 - Bathrooms 2
Monumental Palace I
Bedrooms 3 - Sleeps 7 - Bathrooms 2
Villa Fonte Do Mar
Bedrooms 5 - Sleeps 10 - Bathrooms 4
Olimpo Apartment
Bedrooms 3 - Sleeps 6 - Bathrooms 2
Lido Mar
Bedrooms 1 - Sleeps 3 - Bathrooms 1
Magnolia House
Bedrooms 3 - Sleeps 8 - Bathrooms 2
Bay View
Bedrooms 3 - Sleeps 6 - Bathrooms 2
Atlantic Gardens View
Bedrooms 1 - Sleeps 2 - Bathrooms 2
It owes its name to the little fennel plant, Funcho, which was very abundant in the region. Since the 19th century Funchal has been known as a therapeutic, tourist destination and was originally the main cause for tourism on the island. Now Funchal tourist industry is booming mainly because it has the most prestigious hotels and rental apartments of the Madeira Archipelago.

Places to see in Funchal

It is also in Funchal that you will find the main monuments, museums, churches, forts and buildings of public interest. The Cathedral, a national monument, built by Gil Enes in Manueline style, was the first episcopal cathedral in the Portuguese overseas territories. Among many other monuments, those that stand out are S. Lourenço Palace, The S.Tiago Fort, The Pico Fortress and the Baltazar Dias theatre.

Also not to be missed is a visit to Madeira’s Municipal Market and to some of the Madeira historic manor houses, which are dotted around the city. Some have now been turned into small hotels. The Old Town, now classified as a “Regional Valuable”, is a monument in itself. It has kept its original streets, alleys, squares and fountains. From here, two cable cars depart to Monte and to the Botanical Gardens from which the views of Funchal are simply breathtaking so it’s definitely worth the trip.

Things to do in Funchal

From Monte you can descend in the famous wicker sledge (toboggan) pulled by two men known as “carreiros” that push and cajole it down on two wooden skis back into Funchal. This is one of Madeira s iconic musts – Along with tasting the delicious Madeira Wine and Madeira Honey cake - The toboggan ride appeared way back in around 1850 so that shows how popular it is with tourists.
Last but not least the sea is, naturally, a great source of entertainment with a long list of activities. From a simple dive in one of its coastal swimming complexes, to organised boat trips, scuba diving, big game fishing and water skiing, … there are many activities based in the vibrant, Funchal Marina.

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1 BED, 2 BED, 3 BED+,
1 BED, 2 BED, 3 BED+,

Monumental Palace II Apartment - 6 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom, Sleeps 12 Guests

Image of Monumental Palace II Living Room Funchal
dining room in Monumental Palace II Rental Apartment Funchal
Kitchen in Monumental Palace II Apartment Funchal Madeira
Master Bedroom with En-Suite in Monumental Palace Apartment Funchal Madeira
2 BED, 3 BED+,

Villa Fonte Do Mar - 5 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 10 Guests

Villa Fonte Do Mar Garajau Funchal
Villa Fonte Do Mar Garajau Funchal Living Room
Villa Fonte Do Mar Garajau Funchal Dining Room
Villa Fonte Do Mar Garajau Funchal Bedroom
1 BED, 2 BED, 3 BED+,

Monumental Palace I Apartment - 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6 Guests

Monumental Palace I Apartment Dining Room
Monumental Palace I Apartment Living Room
Monumental Palace I Apartment Kitchen / Diner
Monumental Palace I Apartment Front View
1 BED, 2 BED, 3 BED+,

Living Funchal - 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments, Sleeps 2 - 8 Guests

Living Funchal Living and Dining Area
Living Funchal Swimming Pool
Living Funchal Living Room
Living Funchal View
1 BED, 2 BED, 3 BED+,

Balancal Apartments - 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments & Villas , Sleeps 2 - 8 Guests

Balancal Apartments Funchal Living Area
Balancal Apartments Funchal Living Room
Balancal Apartments Funchal Swimming Pool
Balancal Apartments Funchal Balcony
2 BED, 3 BED+,

Olimpo Apartment - 3 Bedroom Apartments, Sleeps 4 Guests

Olimpo Apartment Funchal Living Room
Olimpo Apartment Funchal Dining Area
Olimpo Apartment Funchal Kitchen
Olimpo Apartment Bedroom
1 BED,

Lido Mar Apartment - 1 Bedroom Apartments, Sleeps 2 Guests

Lido Mar Apartment Funchal Living Area
Lido Mar Apartment Funchal Kitchenette
Lido Mar Apartment Funchal Balcony
Lido Mar Apartment Funchal View
2 BED, 3 BED+,

Bay View - 3 Bedroom Home, Sleeps 6 Guests

Bay View Funchal Madeira Living Room
Bay View Funchal Madeira Dining Room
Bay View Funchal Madeira Outside Living
Bay View Funchal Madeira View

Atlantic Gardens View - 1 Bedroom Apartment, Sleeps 2 Guests

Atlantic Gardens View Funchal Living Room
Atlantic Gardens View Funchal Dining Room
Atlantic Gardens View Funchal Swimming Pool
Atlantic Gardens View Funchal
1 BED, 2 BED, 3 BED+,

Magnolia House - 4 Bedroom Apartment, Sleeps 2 - 8 Guests

Magnolia House Garajau Madeira Living Room
Magnolia House Garajau Madeira
Magnolia House Garajau Madeira Kitchen
Magnolia House Garajau Madeira Front Aspect