Live TV from around the world in Madeira

Watch your local TV shows while in Madeira

Most of our properties have multi-lingual speaking TV channels but now you can also enjoy your favourite TV shows from home in Madeira while on holiday. No need to watch Madeira news or Madeira television. You can log in to our free Holiday Home Television Channel via your laptop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere with an internet connection and watch your favourite TV programs in real-time. This means you will not miss that football match or rugby game that's scheduled for when you’re away nor will you miss the weeks soaps or dramas.
It’s so easy. Just click the link and you will be taken to our Holiday Home Television page. From there you can click to watch which ever channels you like.

The Holiday Home TV channel not only provides our UK to Madeira visitors with television but also our German, French, Dutch, Russian and US visitors. For a full list of countries please click to have a look.

We are also able to bring you News, Sports, Documentary and Comedy focused channels so go on and take a look.
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